Depression and Mood Disorders: Causes, Care and Cures

By Sabry Fattah

DepressionThis is a book about depression, a disorder with many faces and forms. It also covers Bipolar Disorders: the happy and sad faces of mood disorders. In this book, I share my years of experience as a psychiatrist working with patients who have struggled with depression or its other faces and recovered.

The book reflects on our current scientific knowledge about this common psychological problem. It covers what is depression, its history, causes, various available treatments, physical and psychological, and how to defeat depression.

It discusses drugs in use for therapy of mania and depression, how to treat resistant depression and strategies in the management of bipolar disorders.

Details of the powerful benefits of psychotherapy, in particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the role of other non-medication approaches, and psychotherapies are covered.

I describe the techniques of cognitive therapy, and how to use them to overcome depressive thoughts.

Finally, I advise the reader on steps to defeat depression.

This book is intended to be a general guide written from the view of a psychiatrist. It addresses many questions patients ask about their mood disorders, how their doctor decide upon diagnosis and treatment, and what they can do to get over their mood disorders.

I hope that by reading through this book, you will recognize that you are not alone. I endeavour to offer answers and guidance, based on my clinical experience and scientific research. One of the most common questions is "Will I get better?" The answer is definitely "Yes", "You will get better and recover if you work together with the treatment team: your doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other professionals.

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