Alcohol Problems: From Abuse to Recovery

By Sabry Fattah

AlcoholThis book is written by a psychiatrist who treated alcoholic patients and addiction sufferers for many years. Medical and psychological management helped many alcoholics to stop. The book will examine the story of alcohol, and answer some questions which come to mind, such as:

  • How does alcohol affect the body and mind?
  • Why some people become alcoholics and have drinking problems, while others remain sober, and maintain reasonable drinking habits?
  • What are the signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence? When does a drinker become alcoholic?
  • What are the tests used to identify alcoholism, alcohol problems and if the alcoholic return to drinking?
  • What treatments are available for alcoholism?
  • What is the role of detoxification, drugs for withdrawal and abstinence, rehabilitation, counselling, psychotherapy, and self-help groups like AA?
  • What is the outcome of those treatments?
  • And how we can prevent relapse into drinking again? What is the role of the family of the alcoholic?

This book may help those trying to overcome their drinking problem. Friends or family of alcoholics may wish to know what they can do to help and support them. The book will show the way out of Alcohol Dependence through available management facilities and services: medical, psychological and social. It will be useful for medical, psychological and social service professionals who help alcoholics overcome their drinking problems.

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