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This is website about my books and also a source of information on various subjects. It covers many areas: psychology, mental health, social sciences, medicine and neuroscience. My interests extend beyond psychological and medical fields, which are the subject areas of my career, to include Computer Programming, Arts, Literature, Philosophy, Politics, and History.


Author Dr Sabry Fattah,MRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist.

After obtaining his medical degree, Dr. Sabry Fattah was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, runpsychotherapy sessions and therapy groups for about 10 years. He obtained a master degree in Neuropsychiatry, and followed his studies in the United Kingdom where he became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists London. Dr Sabry Fattah obtained a Master Degree in Neuroscience from the University of London, then worked as a Research Fellow at Department of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh. He has several research publications, and he worked as a consultant psychiatrist in the UK for the last 30 years.

Books by Author

BOOKS In English

Anxiety Explained : Managing Anxiety and Stress Problems

By Sabry Fattah

Book Cover This book will take you through the story of anxiety from its nature, manifestations, and causes to its treatment. It will describe the experience itself and how psychiatrists diagnose and classify the different types of anxiety disorders.
We will also discuss the medical and psychological aspects of anxiety and the multitude of available treatments including psychotherapies and alternative therapies. This is followed by changes in Lifestyle which may help to overcome stress and distress, including the role of diet, smoking, caffeine, and alcohol in aggravating your anxiety. The way forward to self-help is outlined. The book aims to provide information and answers to common questions many anxious patients may ask. It will also offer many techniques to help you manage your condition by your own effort.
Written by a consultant psychiatrist with experience in psychotherapy and management of anxiety patients for four decades, this book fills a gap in the available self-help library of books on psychological problems.

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Alcohol Problems: From Abuse to Recovery

By Sabry Fattah

AlcoholThis book is written by a psychiatrist who treated alcoholic patients and addiction sufferers for many years. Medical and psychological management helped many alcoholics to stop. The book will examine the story of alcohol, and answer some questions which come to mind, such as:

  • How does alcohol affect the body and mind?
  • Why some people become alcoholics and have drinking problems, while others remain sober, and maintain reasonable drinking habits?
  • What are the signs of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence? When does a drinker become alcoholic?
  • What are the tests used to identify alcoholism, alcohol problems and if the alcoholic return to drinking?
  • What treatments are available for alcoholism?
  • What is the role of detoxification, drugs for withdrawal and abstinence, rehabilitation, counselling, psychotherapy, and self-help groups like AA?
  • What is the outcome of those treatments?
  • And how we can prevent relapse into drinking again? What is the role of the family of the alcoholic?

This book may help those trying to overcome their drinking problem. Friends or family of alcoholics may wish to know what they can do to help and support them. The book will show the way out of Alcohol Dependence through available management facilities and services: medical, psychological and social. It will be useful for medical, psychological and social service professionals who help alcoholics overcome their drinking problems.

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UNDERSTANDING PYTHON: Beginner’s Guide to Programming

By Sabry Fattah

Python Python is one of the most powerful, easy-to-read programming languages around. This general purpose, high-level language can be extended and embedded in many programming problems. This book will introduce you to programming in Python, going through the skills you need to know for building programs and the way to develop simple code that perform the actions you plan. The book introduces the main concepts in Python language with clear examples to help you master basic elements and syntax; to design programs; work with strings; use control structures; import modules; build lists; create an organized dictionary; handle functions, manage data, and namespace; work with modules and packages; and understand classes. It is a great resource to maximize your productivity. You will get familiar with Python's building blocks, strings, dictionaries, and sets; and be on your way to writing programs and develop your coding skills.

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Depression and Mood Disorders: Causes, Care and Cures

By Sabry Fattah

DepressionThis is a book about depression, a disorder with many faces and forms. It also covers Bipolar Disorders: the happy and sad faces of mood disorders. In this book, I share my years of experience as a psychiatrist working with patients who have struggled with depression or its other faces and recovered.

The book reflects on our current scientific knowledge about this common psychological problem. It covers what is depression, its history, causes, various available treatments, physical and psychological, and how to defeat depression.

It discusses drugs in use for therapy of mania and depression, how to treat resistant depression and strategies in the management of bipolar disorders.

Details of the powerful benefits of psychotherapy, in particular Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the role of other non-medication approaches, and psychotherapies are covered.

I describe the techniques of cognitive therapy, and how to use them to overcome depressive thoughts.

Finally, I advise the reader on steps to defeat depression.

This book is intended to be a general guide written from the view of a psychiatrist. It addresses many questions patients ask about their mood disorders, how their doctor decide upon diagnosis and treatment, and what they can do to get over their mood disorders.

I hope that by reading through this book, you will recognize that you are not alone. I endeavour to offer answers and guidance, based on my clinical experience and scientific research. One of the most common questions is "Will I get better?" The answer is definitely "Yes", "You will get better and recover if you work together with the treatment team: your doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other professionals.

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BOOKS In Arabic

فجر الفلسفة : فلاسفة اليونان قبل سقراط

By Sabry Fattah

Book Cover

وضعت الفلسفة اليونانية القديمة اسس العلوم والفكر المعاصر الذى تقوم عليه حضارتنا الحالية. ومنذ اكثر من 2500 عام وضع فلاسفة اليونان قبل سقراطووافلاطون وارسطو اسس تلك الفلسفة. يعرض هذا الكتاب اهم فلاسفة الإغريق قبل سقراط من خلال حياتهم وافكارهم ، ويوضح كيف كانت تلك الافكار هى الجذور التى نمت من خلالها الافكار العلمية والفلسفية المعاصرة.

Greek philosophy gave the first answers in Western thought to basic questions about the universe and man. The origin and nature of the visible universe concerned the earliest philosophers, the pre-Socratics, from Thales in the 6th-century b.c. to Democritus in the 5th. This book (in Arabic) discusses the influence of pre-Socratic philosophers on Western thought and their contribution to our understanding of the universe. It ends with a brief review of Socratic and Platonic views.

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العلاج النفسي و الجماعات العلاجية

Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Groups‬ (Arabic Edition)

By Sabry Fattah

Book Cover

يعرض هذا الكتاب للقراء نظريات مختلفة من العلاج النفسي مع الافراد والجماعات. ويغطي العلاج الديناميكي بالتفصيل مع مراجعة موجزة للعلاج السلوكى والعلاج المعرفي. يتم شرح مبادئ الديناميكا النفسية والعمليات الجماعية بالإضافة إلى اساليب العلاج ما بعد التحليل النفسى مثل علاج الجشطالت والتحليل المعاملاتى. فيعرض هذا الكتاب للقراء نظريات مختلفة من العلاج النفسي مع الافراد والجماعات. ويغطي العلاج الديناميكي بالتفصيل مع مراجعة موجزة للعلاج السلوكى والعلاج المعرفي. يتم شرح مبادئ الديناميكا النفسية والعمليات الجماعية بالإضافة إلى اساليب العلاج ما بعد التحليل النفسى مثل علاج الجشطالت والتحليل المعاملاتى. تستخدم جماعات التنمية البشرية أو مجموعات النموالشخصى نفس التقنيات والنظريات مثل العلاج النفسي الجماعي لتعزيز النمو الشخصي والعلاقات الشخصية. يشرح الكتاب التقنيات المستخدمة في مجموعات التطوير الشخصي هذه والتي تُستخدم في تعزيز العمل الجماعي وحل النزاعات. يقوم الكتاب على سنوات من الخبرة والتدريب للمؤلف كطبيب نفسي ومعالج نفسي. الكتاب مصدر للمعلومات الأساسية لأي متدرب ممارس في العلاج النفسي أو الإرشاد أو الطب النفسي ، أو لأي شخص يحتاج إلى مقدمة لأسس النظرية وممارسة العلاج النفسي مع الأفراد والجماعات.

اهم موضوعات الكتاب:

  • العلاج النفسي: العلاج السلوكي الديناميكي والسلوكي والمعرفي
  • الاستشارة والعلاج الموجز والتحليل النفسي
  • العلاج الداعم والتنويم المغناطيسي
  • ديناميات المجموعة الصغيرة
  • العلاج النفسي الجماعي: النظريات والتقنيات
  • العلاج الجشطالتى ، التحليل المعاملاتى والدراما النفسيةو
  • مجموعات التدريب على الحساسية (مجموعات المواجهة) ، مجموعات التنمية البشرية (النمو الشخصى)
  • مجموعات ماراثون

This book introduces readers to different theories of psychotherapy in individual and group settings. It covers dynamic therapy in details with a brief review of behaviour and cognitive therapy. Principles of psychodynamics and group processes are explained and well as post-analytic methods such as Gestalt Therapy and Transactional Analysis. Human Potential groups or encounter groups use the same techniques and theory as group psychotherapy to promote personal growth and interpersonal relationships. The book explains the techniques used in these personal development groups which are used in promoting teamwork and conflict resolution. The book draws on years of experience and training of the author as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

  • key theoretical approaches
  • Psychotherapy: psychodynamic, Behavioural and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Counselling, Brief Therapy and psychoanalysis
  • Supportive therapy and hypnotherapy
  • Small group dynamics
  • Group psychotherapy: theories and techniques
  • Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Psychodrama
  • Sensitivity Training Groups (Encounter Groups), Personal (Growth )Development Groups
  • Marathon Groups

This is the essential boom for any trainee practitioner in psychotherapy, counselling or psychiatry, or for anyone needing an introduction to the foundations of theory and practice of psychotherapy with individuals and groups.

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Anxiety Problems and Ways of its Management (in Arabic)

By Sabry Fattah

Anxiety Arabic

يأخذك هذا الكتاب من خلال قصة القلق و طبيعته ومظاهره وأسبابه وعلاجه. سيصف التجربة النفسية لمشاعر القلق وكيف يقوم الأطباء النفسيون بتشخيص وتصنيف الأنواع المختلفة من اضطرابات القلق. سيناقش أيضًا الجوانب الطبية والنفسية للقلق، والعديد من العلاجات المتاحة والرعاية المتاحة خارج خدمات الرعاية الصحية. يهدف هذا الكتاب إلى توفير معلومات وإجابات للأسئلة الشائعة التي قد يطرحها العديد من المرضى القلقين. سيوفر أيضًا العديد من التقنيات لمساعدتك في التعامل مع حالتك بجهودك الخاصة. فلك دور مهم في رعاية ومساعدة نفسك بالإضافة إلى دور أخصائيين العلاج النفسي. يجد الكثير من الناس أن من المفيد جدًا فهم طبيعة حالتهم. في بعض الأحيان، يكون لديهم الكثير من القلق والتوتر مما يجعلهم ينسبون قلقهم إلى أمراض جسدية خطيرة. عندما يحدد الشخص المتوتر مسببات قلقه وينجح في التعامل معها، سيبدأ في الشعور بالسيطرة على مشاعره. وهذا يعطيه الكثير من الثقة بالنفس والطمأنينة بأن القلق يمكن التحكم فيه وأنه ليس مرضًا جسديًا خطيرًا. يحتوي الكتاب على تقنيات قد تستخدمها لتقليل مخاوفك وتوترك. بعضها يمكنك القيام به بنفسك، والبعض الآخر بمساعدة الأطباء أو المعالجين أو غيرهم من المهنيين. من خلال المساعدة التي يقدمها هذا الكتاب، نأمل أن تتعرف على مشكلة القلق لديك بشكل أعمق وأن تجد طريقك بين متاهة طرق العلاج المتاحة، وان تحصل على حصتك من التعافي، والبدء في الشفاء بسرعة. كتب هذا الكتاب استشاري وطبيب نفسي لديه خبرة في تشخيص وعلاج الاضطرابات النفسية لمدة أربعة عقود. يتمتع المؤلف بخلفية جيدة في العلاج النفسي والتي من شأنها أن تجلب نظرة نفسية ديناميكية إلى مناقشة هذه المشكلة.

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