Table of Contents

F80-89 : Developmental Disorders

F80­-F89 Disorders of psychological development

F80 Specific developmental disorders of speech and language

  • F80.0 Specific speech articulation disorder
  • F80.1 Expressive language disorder
  • F80.2 Receptive language disorder
  • F80.3 Acquired aphasia with epilepsy(Landau­-Kleffner syndrome)
  • F80.8 Other developmental disorders of speech and language
  • F80.9 Developmental disorder of speech and language, unspecified

F81 Specific developmental disorders of scholastic skills

  • F81.0 Specific reading disorder
  • F81.1 Specific spelling disorder
  • F81.2 Specific disorder of arithmetical skills
  • F81.3 Mixed disorder of scholastic skills
  • F81.8 Other developmental disorders of scholastic skills
  • F81.9 Developmental disorder of scholastic skills, unspecified

F82 Specific developmental disorder of motor function

F83 Mixed specific developmental disorders

F84 Pervasive developmental disorders

  • F84.0 Childhood autism
  • F84.1 Atypical autism
  • F84.2 Rett's syndrome
  • F84.3 Other childhood disintegrative disorder
  • F84.4 Overactive disorder associated with mental retardation and
  • stereotyped movements
  • F84.5 Asperger\'s syndrome
  • F84.8 Other pervasive developmental disorders
  • F84.9 Pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified

F88 Other disorders of psychological development

F89 Unspecified disorder of psychological development, and associated problems.