Table of Contents

F10 : Alcohol Misuse

F10.1 Harmful use of alcohol

A. There must be clear evidence that the substance use was responsiblefor (or substantially contributed to) physical or psychological harm, including impaired judgment or dysfunctional behaviour.

B. The nature of the harm should be clearly identified (and specified).

C. The pattern of use has persisted for at least 1 month or has occurred repeatedly within a 12-month period\ D. The disorder does not meet the criteria for any other mental or behavioural disorder related to the same drug in the same time period (except for acute intoxication)

F10.2 Dependence Syndrome due to Alcohol

At least three of the following:

  • A strong desire or sense of compulsion to drink.
  • Difficulty in controlling the amount drunk.
  • Physiological withdrawal state after drinking stops, with the possible use of alcohol to relieve this.
  • Evidence of tolerance may appear.
  • Progressive neglect of alternative pleasures and interests.
  • Persistence of drinking in spite of evidence of harmful effects.