Learn to Relax

{{ :yoga.jpg?200|}}Learning to relax is the first step to fight anxiety and worries. It is based on exerting control on your muscles and thinking process. Relaxation tapes are available in public library and also through health professionals in general practice. Like any learning process, relaxation needs you to be patient and persevere until you master the art of relaxation. Practice it several times a day until you feel better and then use it whenever you start to feel tense or worried. At first, you may need to do it in a quiet place in the privacy of your home, later you may be able to get into the relaxation state even while sitting in a chair at work or in a public place. If you worry and your anxiety start to come back; increase the number of times you practice with relaxation until you get on the top of it and control your anxiety.

Learning to relax is a way of helping you to overcome your worries. You may be able to borrow a relaxation tape from your doctor or health care professional, or your local. When teaching yourself to relax, remember to be patient -- you may have to practice several times before getting the full benefits.

To begin with, you may like to practice relaxing for 30 minutes, three or four times a day. As you begin to feel better, you can cut down the number of times that your practice. If you begin to feel worried or tense; increase the number of times that your practice.